As you head off to uni for the first time, you need to work out your finances, get ready to meet new people, and settle in a new city, all of which can be scary. Once you have managed all these things, you will quickly find out that being a student is the most rewarding phase in your life. However, here are a few things you can do to turn your humble 2 bed student accommodation into a slice of what you left at home.

2 bed student accommodation

Bring the home smell along with you

Introducing a comforting and familiar scent into your student accommodation Mt Gravatt living space is a great way of bringing in that “at home” feel. However, most accommodations do not allow residents to light candles, but you can safely substitute them with electric oil diffusers or reed fragrance.

Diffusers allow you to switch the scent to match your mood and activities. For example, use lavender essential oil for relaxation and eucalyptus oil for its antibacterial properties during flu season.

Hang up memories

This is especially helpful for international students who have hundreds of friends and family they have left back home. Hanging up a physical photo offers you something you can look at each day, and you feel much better. However, make sure you stick them carefully to the wall to avoid charges when moving out.

Starry nights, even indoors

Fairy lights are probably the most common room décor for millennials and copper mugs come a close second. The lights shed a warm fluorescent glow that helps create a sophisticated, yet dreamy, ambiance even in the cheapest student accommodation you can find. Fairy lights are available in a huge assortment of styles and price points, so you will find a set you love – but follow the rules to avoid a fine.

Pimp your flooring

If you are lucky to find a 2 bed student accommodation without a carpet, there is always the option of bringing in a rug, or two. Alternatively, get creative and transform some of your old t-shirts into one-of-a-kind rugs that add some character and cosiness to your room.

Add texture and depth to the room’s design

As you look for ways to make your 1, 2, or 3 bedroom student accommodation feel like home, don’t underestimate the power a single cushion has. Cushions are available in an assortment of sizes, colours, shapes, and texture, and you can even get creative and create your own cushion case.

If there’s a pet you have left back home, consider getting some big plush cushions with animal prints and shapes to keep you company. Plus, they are a great benefit any time you have guests in your room, who wouldn’t love the feeling of a cushion?

Finding a 2 bed student accommodation

If you are looking for the best student accommodation on Adelaide Street, Wharf Street, or Elizabeth Street in Brisbane, get in touch with Student One today. Once you find the perfect 2-bed accommodation for you, give it your personal touch using the tips above and make it your home-away-from-home refuge.