When you’re looking to sell your property or lease one, working with a reliable real estate agent is the best way to go. For one, property sellers and buyers seem to have an adversarial relationship when negotiating for a property. The same is true for property owners and lessors. While the property owner is seeking to profit from the transaction, the buyer and the one looking for properties up for commercial rent are looking to save some money. Despite being diametrically opposed, both parties ultimately want the same thing–to close a good deal.

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All parties in a sale or lease can significantly benefit from hiring the services of a real estate agent. Here are some of the advantages they can enjoy:

Money talks. 

If you want to put up your property in the list of commercial real estate for lease or when you’re thinking of selling your house and lot, you need to contemplate whether or not it’s beneficial for you to go FSBO (for sale by owner) or not. It’s normal that you want to get the most of the proceeds of the sale or lease of your property. You might even think that you can save more because you’re not paying anyone extra commissions. Well, that’s true if you’re an experienced realtor yourself.

However, if you lack the experience, chances are, you might be underselling or undervaluing your property. In a recent study, it was revealed that property owners who went for FSBO had 30% lesser proceeds than those who put up commercial properties to rent or sell with the help of an agent.

If you want to save by not going through an agent, and later on, you find out that your buyer is represented by an agent, in essence, you still pay a commission. The commission of the agent, as you already know, is already factored into the agreement. However, if you paid your own agent, you would have saved on the commission.

Agents pay more attention to relevant details. 

If you decide to put your property up for commercial rent without the help of an experienced real estate agent, you might have a hard time understanding and reviewing all the necessary legal documents involved in the deal.

All the more if you’re selling your property. Terms like a “contract of sale with right to repurchase”, “earnest money”, or “right of first refusal” may be hard to grasp, but when you’re selling your property, these are crucial matters you need to understand. And, your licenced real estate agent can help you deal with all these.

Also, with an agent working with you, you won’t be blindly signing binding contracts and agreements without fully understanding them. In exchange for the commission you pay these agents to find people who are willing to lease commercial property or buy them, they protect your interest in the deal. They make sure that you won’t be undervaluing your property when you negotiate a price.

The Takeaway

You see, these real estate agents are not there simply to take a commission from you. When you decide to put your property up for sale or commercial rent, they’ll work hard to close the best deal for you.

So, if you’re ready to work with a real estate agent today, get in touch with Henzells Agency. All of their agents are experts and seasoned in as far as property negotiation is concerned. They’ll do all the hard work to make sure that clients, like you, will be fully-satisfied after closing the deal.