Real Estate is one of the most lucrative investments today. In Australia, an estimate of 500,000 property turnovers are done each year. Bokarina apartments in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia continues to be some of the most sought-after locations considering its scenic view and beach ambience.

Among the types of real estate properties sold annually, there is a solid market increase in beach houses and apartments, especially in Sunshine Coast. This post discusses several reasons why properties near the coast hold a dominating pull in investors locally and internationally.

Better lifestyle means better health

Living by the beach poses great benefits to one’s health. One obvious reason is its residents are exposed in nature and fresh air rather than the polluted and noisy city life. Investing in a Bokarina Beach property elevates your lifestyle and improves your health in the process. It is proven that people who choose to live near the ocean are happier and are less stressed. Well, the sound of waves and the sight of lush green trees will surely make people more at peace. Who would be stressed in an environment so beautiful, right?

Living in one of the Bokarina apartments near the beach will also encourage you to exercise. The surroundings are inviting enough to take long walks by the beach under the sun.

Experience luxurious amenities

When you invest in a near-beach apartment property, it’s imperative to check the facilities and amenities of the building. When you choose to live near the ocean, you don’t have to turn your back to the city’s luxurious lifestyle.

There are luxury waterfront apartments that combine sophistication and pleasure. These apartments have restaurants and cafes, retail stores, and wellness centres conveniently placed mostly in the first three floors of the apartment building. Check Seanna Residences for more details.

Profit outweighs the cost

Checking Bokarina Beach apartments for your real estate investment sounds like a heavy pull on your pockets. But the things is, it’s worth it. Residential properties near the Coast are more affordable than those situated in the cities and central business districts. Not to mention beach apartments open more profitable opportunities in the long run. Some of which are:

Value appreciates over time

Another reason why beach properties are a goldmine is the possibility of a resell. Real estates appreciate over time that reselling the property at a higher price than the amount you invested becomes possible.

Renting opportunities

Residential spaces near the beach like Bokarina apartments can be a dual-type property investment. You can either occupy the apartment for yourself and indulge in the beach life, or have it listed as for rent.

Since beach apartments are an ideal spot for vacation, family gatherings, and summer holidays, offering your space for rent can give you a lucrative income flow. Your target market is vast; solo vacationists who wish to rejuvenate alone, friends who look forward to a fun getaway, and families who wish to bond.

Beach properties in Bokarina upgrade a resident’s lifestyle plus they hold value in amenities and location. There are 63 available upscale apartments and residential spaces you can browse at These are located in a prime location at Bokarina.